Our Traveling Family

We have been traveling full time since 2020. We sold our house, bought an rv and trailer and started traveling around America with the intention of creating videos, writing/recording music, and serving the Church. 

Miles Driven
Years Married

Our Vision...

…to see that marriages are more vibrant, Scripture is more revered, the church is more unified, and Jesus is more glorified through bearing good fruit.

Our Mission...

( Learn – Grow – Love – Go ) …and by that we mean to see every circumstance as an opportunity to LEARN and in learning to GROW in bearing good fruit that the LOVE of Jesus would be shared and demonstrated wherever we GO.

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You can support us in prayer, encouragement, and tax deductible gifts. We are submitted to an organization and directors who help us to spend time and money prudently. Please donate with a 1 time or recurring gift to help be a part of the mission to encourage the church and create beautiful music and marriage + family materials to strengthen and build up more people in America and around the world!

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